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Jerusalem Area

Jerusalem Area

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Israel Pedals specializes on organized biking trips for groups, bike rentals, youth activities, biking competitions and biking events production

Short Glance

  • Israel Pedals has set her goal to create a joyful professional riding experience, while maintaining maximum safety of the participants.
  • The company owns bikes for different roads with the top brands on the market, extra gear, SUV and tow trucks dedicated to transport the bikes around the country.
  • The founder of the company is Avinoam Yanay, graduate of the Vingate sports academy. Now days, he performs as the head of course for professional mountain biking guides.
  • Barak Yanay, graduate if the course for biking guide on the Vingate sports academy, specializes on extreme riding and team leading.

Biking Trips


Adventurous Biking Trips

Israel Pedals offers a variety of adventurous biking trips on the nature at all seasons of the year. On our beautiful country there are many biking routes with breath taking views that makes and unforgettable experience. Starting from the Jordan's river and through the power station on Naharaim, to the south at Shmurat Pore & Beeri and until Alexander Valley and The YArkon Park on the center - a wide variety for multiple levels.

Our Guiding Team

On the date of the trip, the guiding crew will wait for you at the meeting point which was coordinated in advance and there everyone will have some time to adjust, and some snacks & coffee for everyone. Afterwards, the crew will have a short guidance session that includes an explanation about the area's conditions and security measures, at the end of the session we will have a bike and helmets fittings according to bikers sizes. Every biker will experiment a few minutes of riding for acquiring a feel on the bike and see if some adjustments are necessary.

An Experienced Biking Guide

The team is lead by an experienced biking guide from the crew of Israel Pedals and behind the bikers will ride slowly an SUV to attend any needs. During the trip we will make stops to observe the view and guidance explain, the rhythm of the ride will be determined by the group's abilities. At the end of the journey, we can have a picnic on the nature spot and pick a hospitality adventure from the surroundings. Loaded with adventures and joy, you may return to your routine fresher than ever and start planning your next ride with us.

Bike Rental

Israel Pedals are dominating on the bike rentals area. Reliable, comfort, ease, light, safe and adjusted for dirt ride.

Bike rentals are available for groups from the age of 8 and above, a rental can be extended to a guide from the team of Israel Pedals. If the team is interested on riding alone, we provide transportation on dedicated trucks for carrying the bikes all over the country and collecting at the end of the route. Bike rental quantity is unlimited! Renting a bike includes a helmet, bottle holder and wheel protection. For the road bikers among you, we own hybrid bicycles with straight steering wheel, FUJI   -  Known for maximum comfort for beginners who wish to try road biking ..  

Activities and Attractions

Activities & Group Events

Israel Pedals offers group events and activities which combines fun in nature and an adventurous sport activity. Looking for a way to break the habit and out of the office? Do you want to party in nature with a group of friends? We have the ultimate solution for you!

Group Journeys

Our bike trips are a magnificent method for social bonding which involves sports and fresh air away from the work space. Our riding trips are compatible to riders from all levels and ages and may include large groups up to 500 riders. If you wish that your employees will freshen up from their daily occupation and will return to work reinforced - a bicycle trip is an excellent solution. Israel Pedals will put in your position plenty of bicycles and safety gear where ever you will choose and our riding experts will guide you and advise for a safer, productive ride. Our Group journeys may contain a meal on the nature area and a variety of other attractions besides bike riding. In addition to bike riding, Israel Pedals offers a wide variety of extreme activities suitable to all ages: Climbing Walls, Zip Lines, Rappelling, Paint Ball, Rope Park, Inflatables and more. Imagine how your child's birthday experience when it occurring at nature with parent child riding? Or when all the class mates are enjoying many facilities and attractions? Israel Pedals will know how to match a special unique event and include bike riding with other fascinating activities. Every event may include a meal on nature selected by one of the catering companies we work with. Either if it's bike riding on multiple routes or a special event with fun activities in nature - Israel Pedals is the solution for you.

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